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single mothers – single mothers [demo]


ok, one last post, fo realz.

a buddy of mine asked me to post his band’s new demo, so here it is in all it’s glory.

ffo: good ol’ fashioned punk rock

if you enjoy older attack in black (aka black widows ep), then you won’t be disappointed.

peace forever

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peace out motherf*ckers

it’s been a good 3 years, time to move on.


hopefully, see ya never.

come see me on tour with staylefish



I’ll be selling merch and taking photos :)

16 Oct 2009
The Outback Shack – Fanshawe College
London, Ontario

17 Oct 2009
Lop Lop’s
Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

20 Oct 2009
Black Pirate’s Pub
Thunder Bay, Ontario

23 Oct 2009
**Goodbye Beatdown CD Release**
Sharks Club
Vancouver, British Columbia

28 Oct 2009
Private Show
Edmonton, Alberta

29 Oct 2009
The Palomino
Calgary, Alberta

31 Oct 2009
Doc Willoughby’s
Kelowna, British Columbia

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darker my love – 2

A swirling mix of reverb-drenched guitars, pounding rhythms and beautiful, stratosphere-scraping harmonies. Such a fun rock and roll record.


88.9 mb

a life once lost – a great artist

Originally released by Deathwish Inc. It has been out of print for over two years and is being made available again by Ferret Records. For fans of Lamb Of God, Converge, and Meshuggah.


68.4 mb

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a man down – scene not heard [ep]

A Man Down are a Pop-Punk band from sunny Brighton town. They have released their debut EP ‘Scene Not Heard’ on the former Punktastic Recordings and are set to head back into the studio in the coming months.


35.7 mb

auburn – basic instructions before leaving earth

“Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth” features 5 intense songs that will leave you wanting more of this band based out of Mass. For fans of Underoath, Norma Jean, Everytime I Die, and Maylene and the Sons of Disaster.


22.8 mb

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drowningman – still loves you [ep]

With previous releases on both Hydra Head and Revelation, Vermont’s DROWNINGMAN return with five progressive and melodic metal/hardcore tracks – three new songs as well as re-recorded versions of out-of-print songs from their early days. This release also features the layout and design skills of Aaron Turner from ISIS and Hydra Head Records. New from Equal Vision Records.


16.5 mb

murdertronics – bodega kings live set 1



44.0 mb

secretions – faster than the speed of drunk

Arguably the most fun CD ever produced by the band. Most bands go through a maturing process after a certain number of years; this CD is proof that The Secretions refuse to grow up.

Each CD comes with a free bottle opener secretly hidden underneath the CD tray.


48.4 mb

statues – aux

Debut release from Sudbury, Ontario’s Statues. A great blend of power pop, pop punk, ala Husker Du.


59.4 mb

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the reed sea – no help [ep]

if you’re a huge fan of wintersleep like i am, then this new band will not disappoint you! the whole EP is available as a free download, so there’s really no excuse not to check it out.


26.1 mb

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the replacements – sorry ma, forgot to take out the trash

This album instantly heralded the Minneapolis-based indie rock phenomenon’s competing tendencies towards indelible genius and bleary, drunken anarchy.


33.9 mb

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toys that kill – shanked!

The third album from San Pedro, California’s TOYS THAT KILL (ex-F.Y.P.). Shanked!-Named after band member (and Recess chief) TODD CONGELLIERE’s cat Boris’ tendency to strike without warning- features the band in full attack mode, delivering punk hit after punk hit that straddle the line between scary and cute. For fans of Bent Outta Shape, Arrivals, Tiltwheel, Grabass Charlestons, Soviettes, and the like.


52.0 mb

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whale|horse – count the electric sheep

Stylistically, Whale|Horse’s material bears some resemblance to the later work of the Honor System, but with an emphasis on more enigmatic lyrics, tense songwriting, irregular timings and the further evolution of Dan Hanaway’s vocals, more powerful still and now utilising vibrato.

Despite being self-produced, the EP’s production is of a high standard. [1] With it, Whale|Horse have drawn a wide variety of comparisons from Joy Division and Interpol to the The Buzzcocks.


48.7 mb

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